A black and white, dramatic photo of a bearded artist on an adventure at sea.

Tupa Art

For 50 years, Jerome Tupa has been creating abstract paintings that explore the intersection of environment, faith, and humanity—a focus that has expressed itself through the practice of "pilgrimage." Our goal was to take his storied work and brand it for a new digital audience.

The Tupa logo, rendered in a paint-swash visual style.An exhibition flyer for Jerome Tupa's next art show.A black and white portrait of Father Jerome Tupa, sitting in silence in a corner nook.An old artist's hands dipping a paintbrush into his messy paint palette.Black and white t-shirts showcasing the new branding for Jerome Tupa Fine Art.
"Seeking the Divine"

We had the uncommon privilege of joining Tupa on one of his most recent pilgrimages to Asia. Follow along—like we did—as Jerome explores the rich and vibrant culture of Thailand with a paint brush in hand. 

Journeying into a digital world

We dove into the unique challenge of social media head first,  taking Jerome's slow, serious, contemplative discipline of artwork and translating it into the "quick bite" language of modern social platforms.

Documenting a pilgrimage

We adventured with Jerome to Thailand, South Korea, and Japan as he rendered beautiful local buildings, exploring the different natures of holy sites around the world and how they represent humanity's search to understand God.

Jerome Tupa sitting on a stone bench, drawing a historical landmark or oriental artifact.Artist Jerome Tupa standing between skyrises in a busy city center.Beautiful pointed tower, almost like a steeple, from an ancient religious building in Thailand.Ceiling details, like a fresco painting, inside a buddhist temple.A beautiful Taiwan shop facade in a park, with paper lanterns.A temple or ornate public gathering space in Taiwan.A giant steeple or pointed pillar reaching to the sky in Taiwan.Painter and artist, Jerome Tupa, laughing while captaining a small speedboat.An exotic boat or ferry in Thailand, bringing people in to shore.

Jerome Tupa is a prolific artist with drawings and paintings that transcend time. We worked diligently and sensitively to preserve the nature and spirit of his beautiful work and his incredible story.

Let's connect.
Let's connect.