Glossy red, new pickup truck staged for a photoshoot under a bridge.

Harry Brown's

After experiencing steady growth since 1968, Harry Brown's—a community-minded auto dealership—recognized the need for new branding and media that reflects a modern, human approach to car sales while honoring their local heritage.

Blue Harry Brown's license plate on the front of a white Chevy.Harry Brown's logo on the back bumper of a shiny new car.
Putting the brand in motion

After a productive brand workshop with the Harry Brown's team, we explored brandmarks that bridge the gap between a vintage and modern tone. We settled on a logo that harkens back to classic grille emblems but with the clean sensibility of modern brands. We supported the logo with an energetic blue palette that's distinct to HB—a color even the fastest drivers can't miss while flying down the road.

We worked this new brand into real life, anywhere and everywhere.

A shuttle van with a shiny, modern blue wrap for a car dealership.HB monogram decal for a car dealership.Blue, branded sandwich board sign that says "have a nice day!"Blue GMC truck in a showroom.Branded "service" sign for a clean, happy service area of a car dealership.Smart, observant car mechanic next to an open hood of a used car.Smiling mechanic in a well-lit auto-body shop.A middle-aged, warm looking mechanic changing the oil of a car in the service area.Female mechanic and auto specialist in front of a lifted vehicle.
And, we're rolling

From sizzle reels, to event featurettes, to staff interviews, Harry Brown's has been tapping into the power of photo and video to showcase their offerings, inside and outside of their campus. Keep revving that engine.

Beautiful black lettering of RAM on the grill of a truck.Close up details of rearview mirror.Shiny hubcap / rim macro photo.Bose premium car speaker system.Close up details of beautiful car dash.A father holding his daughter's hand as they cross the street.Proud, old car expert standing in front of his hot rod.A young couple presenting their well-maintained Corvette to an audience of onlookers.Downtown classic car showcase, with hoods open and crowds walking through.Neighborly men chatting and laughing at a town carnival event.Drone, birds-eye view video footage of a parking lot full of Corvettes.Young girl watching a parade with delight.Carnival burlap-sack slide showing laughing young guests.Community-focused man walking in a parade, shooting a squirt gun at hot spectators.The Harry Brown's Team holding a big parade sign that showcases their sponsorship and community involvement.

During this exciting journey, we helped Harry Brown's develop a new tagline that perfectly captures their community spirit. It provides a fitting end to this study. Harry Brown's: "Driving good. Together."

Zak, the marketing Director at Harry Brown's.

Switchboard is our Chick-fil-a sauce. People think we are cool but it’s the brand work of Switchboard that is telling our story and growing our business. We've found the right people.

Zak Branham
Director of Marketing, Harry Brown's

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Let's connect.